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How to Design The Perfect Bathroom

As you plan your bathroom remodel, consider how you can tailor the design to best meet your needs. With some thoughtful planning, you can create a soothing, functional space that supports your daily routine. 

In this blog, we provide tips to guide you through key decisions – from layout options to material and color selections. By understanding the pros and cons of different configurations and features, you can craft your ideal bathroom.

Layout Considerations for Designing Your Bathroom

Available Space

When designing your bathroom, the available space is the most important factor to consider. Think about how much space you have to work with and how you can utilize it efficiently. For small bathrooms, a space-efficient layout with a shower stall, corner sink, and toilet can maximize floor space. In larger bathrooms, separate areas for a bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet with walking space in between allow for a spacious feel.

Plumbing and Ventilation

The location of existing plumbing pipes and vents will also determine your layout options. It is easier and more cost-effective to keep the plumbing in place. Ensure proper ventilation for moisture control. An exhaust fan and windows for natural light help prevent dampness.

Storage Needs

Adequate storage is key to a functional bathroom. Consider your needs and available space for cabinets, shelving, and drawers. Recessed shelves, cabinetry over the toilet, and under-sink cabinets provide extra storage without cramping the room.


For households with limited mobility or disabilities, an accessible bathroom layout is essential. Wider doors, grab bars, a roll-in shower, and space for medical equipment allow for independence and safety. Non-slip surfaces, lever handles, and adjustable features suit a range of physical needs.

By evaluating your space, plumbing, ventilation, storage, and accessibility needs, you can design a bathroom tailored to suit your requirements. A thoughtful layout and fixtures, any bathroom space can be highly functional and stylish.

Creative Bathroom Layout Ideas to Optimize Your Space

Consider a corner shower.

A corner shower is an efficient use of space in a small bathroom. By placing the shower in the corner, you open up more floor space for the rest of the fixtures. Corner showers also provide more elbow room than a regular stall shower. For extra space savings, choose a model with sliding doors rather than a curtain.

Use a pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks take up very little floor space. Their slender base provides more open floor area than a vanity cabinet. Pedestal sinks also have a classic, elegant look that suits many decor styles. However, they do not provide any storage space under the sink. So, if storage is a priority, you might want to consider a wall-mounted sink or a small vanity with drawers.

Install a wall-hung toilet

Like pedestal sinks, wall-hung toilets free up floor space. Their compact tank is mounted on the wall, leaving the floor below open. This open space makes the room appear more spacious and allows for easy cleaning. Wall-hung toilets require additional wall support during installation to hold their weight. They tend to cost slightly more than floor-mounted toilets but can be worth it in a small bathroom.

By selecting space-efficient fixtures and making the most of your bathroom’s layout, you can design a stylish, functional small bathroom. Focusing on lighting, storage, and an uncluttered look will make the space feel open and inviting. 

FAQs on How to Design a Bathroom That Works for You

How large should the bathroom be?

The size of your bathroom depends on your needs and the space available in your home. For a master bathroom, aim for at least 5 feet by 8 feet of free floor space. This provides enough room for a bathtub or shower, vanity, and toilet without feeling cramped. For smaller bathrooms, a minimum of 3 feet by 6 feet of floor space is typical. Measure the dimensions of the fixtures you want in your bathroom to determine the minimum size needed. Consider storage solutions like recessed shelving or cabinets to maximize a small space.

What type of bathtub or shower should I install?

Select a bathtub or shower based on how you intend to use the space. A bathtub is ideal for soaking and relaxation. For easy access, choose a tub with a wide opening and non-slip surface. A shower is more convenient for quick cleaning. Walk-in showers without doors are accessible for all abilities.

Where should I place the toilet and sink?

Place the toilet in a corner of the bathroom for privacy, and the sink vanity should be near the bathtub or shower for convenience. In a small bathroom, a pedestal or wall-mounted sink helps save space. For an open concept, the vanity can be positioned opposite the bathtub with the toilet along the same wall. This creates a circular flow through the room.

How can I make the most of storage space?

Add storage solutions like recessed shelves, cabinets, and drawers to keep items out of sight. Under-sink cabinets provide space for cleaning supplies and linens, whereas recessed medicine cabinets allow storage without protruding into the room. For additional storage, mount cabinets over toilets and on empty walls and add pull-out drawers on gliders to make it easy to access items in the back of cabinets.

While designing your bathroom, think about how the layout and fixtures will function for your needs. Measure the space carefully and try different configurations to find one that works well. With some creative storage solutions, a bathroom of any size can be highly functional and suit your personal style.


As you can see, designing a functional bathroom that also reflects your personal style is very achievable. With careful planning and consideration of the layout, fixtures, materials, and accessories, you can create a soothing, inviting space. Focus on choosing timeless styles and high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Consider how you want the space to feel and make sure to include plenty of storage to keep the area tidy. Most importantly, think about your daily routines and needs so the design fully supports your lifestyle. The right bathroom design will enhance your home and make your morning and evening rituals more enjoyable for years to come.

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